Headquartered in Chicago, Vestor Capital brings midwestern steadiness and authenticity to our clients around the country. We provide comprehensive solutions for every aspect of your financial life, helping you manage and grow your wealth through a combination of long-term planning, integrity in execution, and consistent follow-through. You’ll be collaborating with a team of advisors that is steadfastly focused on ensuring that your goals reach fruition. What’s more, you’ll have unrivaled access to best practices, resources, and continuity planning through our partnership with Focus Financial Partners.

We Build Unique Solutions
Around Unique People

Vestor offers solutions for growing wealth, generating income and managing life transitions, as well as personal concierge services. We create teams around you – with a focus on high-net-worth individuals and families, business owners, senior level executives, and more.

Your Vestor Team is Your Personal CFO

Because we understand the complexities and highly personalized aspects of wealth management, our firm offers comprehensive advisory services that go well beyond asset allocation and investment management. Vestor was started by a team of top-notch money managers who have surrounded themselves with a multidisciplinary group of CFPs®, CPAs, CFAs, and CIMAs who have the experience and compassion to manage every aspect of your portfolio.

We’re With You
Every Step of the Way

We believe in communication. When you call us, we’ll answer. When we make adjustments to your portfolio, we’ll talk to you about it. In fact, we not only reach out to you throughout the year – we make house calls. Because we realize that an informed and engaged client is a happy client.

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