Financial Planning

Planning may be the first step, but it can also be the biggest.  What does your current financial situation look like and what do you want to achieve with your wealth?  Is it a sound retirement strategy?  Estate planning or charitable giving? Business succession plans? Educational funding for your heirs?  Our advisors are here to first help you define your goals, objectives, and risk tolerance and then implement solutions specifically designed for you.

Each step we take is clearly explained and then your advisor takes on their role as your personal CFO to help drive the implementation process, supported by decades of collective expertise of the team.  You can expect your advisor to meet with you regularly and to communicate reasons to readjust your strategy.  Our best successes come with clients who are apprised and educated on the decisions made in their financial affairs.  As your partner and subject as we are to the fiduciary standards, we value transparency and strive to arm you with helpful and accurate information when planning your financial affairs.

Cash Flow Planning

A necessary but often overlooked component of a portfolio strategy is cash flow management.  We keep in mind that you need funds that are easily accessible for things like home expenses, taxes, child rearing, and other life events.  That’s why your advisor at Vestor Capital will allocate a percentage of your wealth as liquid savings, should the need come to use it.

We believe in being prepared for whatever life hands you, expected or not.  If you are nearing retirement, we’ll help you develop a plan to have funds available for your short-term and long-term needs.  Your advisor will take these steps so you need not worry about how expenses will be covered when due.  That’s the difference between quick solutions and planning for the long haul.

Investment Management

Finding the right investments requires expertise, experience, and flexibility.  That’s why we’ve created an investment philosophy that will bring you the most options when investing your wealth.  Our in-house investment team has developed various strategies that respond to your needs, always within the highest fiduciary standards. Your advisor works in collaboration with you to identify your objectives, determine your tolerance for risk, and develop an appropriate asset allocation strategy.  But we also look at outside funds and managers to find the best possible options for you.

We continue to evaluate our strategy as long-term shifts in the marketplace occur, and we will make adjustments accordingly, but do not engage in market timing. Our open platform gives us the ability to select mutual funds, ETFs, separate account managers and/or private placements where our criteria is performance against peer groups, tax-efficiency, returns, fit within the overall portfolio, and fund costs. And we believe so strongly in our investment discipline, we invest our own money in the opportunities that we present you.

Education Funding

Saving for your children or grandchildren’s education is a big investment in their future, and can be incorporated into your wealth management strategy.  Your advisor can help you build a plan around contributing to one of the most important investments of their lives.  Through our research on the best college saving tools and available plans, you can assist your loved ones with their higher education goals.

Managing Risk

Where are you today and where do you want to go?  More importantly, how are you going to get there? These are the questions your advisor at Vestor Capital will walk you through for an overarching view of your wealth.   Part of your complete financial picture is risk.  But you are busy and may be juggling many things, so you need an advisor you can count on to do the job of monitoring where your risks and liabilities lie.

We believe in minimizing risk while keeping in line with your tolerance levels.  This is reflected in your investment and asset allocation.   We also coordinate with other professionals to ensure you have the proper protection in the form of insurance – property, life, medical, disability and others – so that you and your estate are protected.

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