Financial Planning

Planning may be the first step, but it can also be the biggest.  What does your current financial situation look like and what do you want to achieve with your wealth?  Is it a sound retirement strategy?  Estate planning or charitable giving? Business succession plans? Educational funding for your heirs?  Our advisors are here to first help you define your goals, objectives, and risk tolerance and then implement solutions specifically designed for you.

Each step we take is clearly explained and then your advisor takes on their role as your personal CFO to help drive the implementation process, supported by decades of collective expertise of the team.  You can expect your advisor to meet with you regularly and to communicate reasons to readjust your strategy.  Our best successes come with clients who are apprised and educated on the decisions made in their financial affairs.  As your partner and subject as we are to the fiduciary standards, we value transparency and strive to arm you with helpful and accurate information when planning your financial affairs.

Education Funding

Saving for your children or grandchildren’s education is a big investment in their future, and can be incorporated into your wealth management strategy.  Your advisor can help you build a plan around contributing to one of the most important investments of their lives.  Through our research on the best college saving tools and available plans, you can assist your loved ones with their higher education goals.

Estate Planning

There are many questions surrounding transferring your wealth and creating a legacy that illustrates your values.  Who will inherit your assets?  If you are a business owner, who will succeed you? Who will be in charge of your affairs in the event that you cannot be?  To which organizations will you donate time and resources over the years?  How do you manage potential estate tax liabilities?  Whether you envision transferring your wealth to your heirs, supporting a favorite organization, or both, there are many issues that arise such as taxation, family dynamics, and other challenges – all while legislation continues to change.

Your advisor, along with an in-house team of CPAs and attorneys, and any outside professionals, will guide you through this terrain to ensure that the ins and outs of your estate planning are woven into your overall financial strategy and the goals of your wealth transfer are realized.  We take into consideration your estate, business, taxes, and balance this with your wants and needs.  And we never stop seeking opportunities that present the highest tax-efficiency.  We also know this is an area of wealth planning that requires an advisor who knows you, your business, and your family well, and who understands that the dynamics that surround this require a careful touch.

Charitable Giving

You may find yourself in a position to share your wealth and make a difference in your favorite organizations, and the lives of others.  At Vestor Capital, we are experienced at understanding your values and reasons for giving.  Your advisor can help you not only donate resources to institutions and charities of your choice, but also incorporate this into your overall wealth management strategy, and help maximize the benefit for you and your benefactors.

When considering a strategy, many questions arise:

• Are there ways to decrease tax burden when donating to my favorite charity?
• Should I donate directly or set up a trust or private foundation?
• What are the best ways to give money over time?

With the help of your advisor, we can help you navigate charitable giving and ensure that you use the most tax-efficient strategies to maximizing your gift to your charity, and reduce taxes to your estate.  We even coordinate with  other professionals involved, such as estate planning attorneys, charitable organizations, or institutional trustees, to ensure your strategy gets executed as planned.

Tax Strategy

Taxes shouldn’t be considered right before April 15th – effective tax planning should be present when developing strategies for your portfolio, from investments, to alternatives, to real estate, charitable giving, and more.

No matter what stage in life you are, our advisors at Vestor Capital will always be thinking about tax-efficient and sensitive solutions when planning for your wealth management strategy.  Your advisor will also alert you to changes in tax laws that could have a direct impact on your wealth.  We believe in communicating to you so that you are not only aware but also understand the reasons why a part of your portfolio will be modified, and the outcomes of this adjustment.

We will also leverage our internal CPAs and can be in close contact with any outside CPAs you work with to explain adjustments in your strategy and coordinate all tax planning and filing in advance of any deadlines.

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