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Founded in 1984, Vestor Capital is one of Chicago’s leading independent firms. Our approach to business is holistic wealth management with the aim of capturing a client’s complete financial life.

Our services include investment management, risk management, estate and wealth transfer planning, business succession, and tax planning. We predominately serve high-net-worth individuals and families. We are most proud of our team-based culture, which creates a healthy and engaging growth-oriented work environment. Through our talented people, we have grown to become one of Chicago’s most successful independent firms. If you are interested in learning more about career opportunities at Vestor, please e-mail


Key Benefits for New Advisors

Rewarding Growth Environment

  • Advisors benefit from an independent environment where clients’ interests come first
  • Advisors operate in a growth culture that is free of bureaucratic red tape
  • Advisors receive team-based support to enable growth

Attractive Ongoing Compensation

  • Competitive payout grid
  • In addition, unlike brokerage houses, no haircut is taken between revenue and payout – advisors receive 100% credit for all revenue generated

Partnership/Equity Value

  • Opportunity for partnership in Vestor Capital for advisors who demonstrate strong performance
  • Ability to monetize true equity value of the advisor’s book in the future

Upfront Consideration

  •  For high-producing advisors, flexibility in creating an offer that is best for the advisor, their family and their clients

Full Team-Based Support

  • For advisors to delegate non-revenue activities, allowing them to focus on growing their assets
  • Areas of support include:
    • Onboarding Process
    • Full client and advisor onboarding process
    • Administration
    • An experienced and highly capable Client Service Associate is assigned to each advisor
    • Best-in-Class Service Model
    • Comprehensive contact service model consistently creates one of the highest rates of client retention in our industry
    • Investments / Research
    • Investment committee will support advisor in their portfolio & asset allocation
    • Marketing
    • A targeted marketing plan will be initiated around each advisor


Succession Planning

Fulfill Your Fiduciary Responsibilities Towards Your Clients

The transition rule is on the SEC’s regulatory calendar to address sudden disruption risks to clients and the North American Securities Administrators Association, Inc. (NASAA) is working on a proposed model rule and guidance requiring investment advisers to create and implement business continuity and succession planning.  Let us help you create a plan that meets regulatory needs and ensures the continuity of your vision.

Protect Your Family

A well-designed succession plan is critical to passing your wealth and legacy to the ones you love.  In addition to taking care of your clients, Focus Successions® also helps you provide financial security and protection for your family.

Retain Your Independence

You will continue to retain your autonomy and independence, managing your firm as you have in the past. You have complete control of your plan, and can trigger or terminate the succession solution at any time.